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How to Choose Windows for the Bedroom

Each room in a house has its own purpose, which helps drive how the environment should be. For example, food preparation requires a lot of light and little privacy, so designers often maximize the number of windows in the kitchen. The bedroom is a personal place, though, so you’ll have to decide your preferred environment.

Below are some factors to help you choose bedroom windows for a new build or replacement project.

Sound Control

The bedroom is your retreat from the rest of the house and, indeed, your life. Therefore, you want it to feel like a safe haven. When you’re trying to sleep or just relax, noise shouldn’t bring your focus back to the outside. Sound control is an important factor for bedroom windows.

With dual- or triple-pane glass, insulating gas between the individual panes of glass acts as an insulator, dampening outside noises. When different glass thicknesses are paired with multiple panes, they help dampen different sounds at different frequencies. Insulating frames help reduce noise transfer. Wood has natural insulating properties and insulates 1,750 times better than aluminum. Fiberglass windows have optional foam insulation to help reduce sound transmission. And quality vinyl frames have up to 18 insulating air chambers and optional foam insulation that help keep sound out. Lastly, proper installation helps ensure airtight seals and helps to keep the noise out.


Energy Efficiency

Similarly, bedrooms should feel cozy. Any new windows will be an upgrade on drafty or single-pane models for energy efficiency. Windows, though, is a main source of heat from the sun and cold from the outdoor temperature.

An ideal approach for replacement or new-build windows is to consider what kind of bedroom environment you like. If warmth is the desired quality, look for options such as gas fills that keep the heat indoors. To keep sun warmth out, look into window coatings that protect from infrared heat.

Light Versus Light Control

As you consider your ideal environment, you should think about the number, size, and placement of windows in a new build. One of the main functions of windows is to let in the light. In most rooms, that function is ideal.

The bedroom is a different matter. Some people like to sleep in, so they might not want light streaming in. To that end, higher windows such as clerestories might not work. They let in more light, and window treatments for them are tricky. Instead, you could opt for bigger windows that you’ll use blackout shades on.


The views from your bedroom will also help you choose the number, size, and placement. If you’re building a house because of the views, you want to maximize them with where you put your windows. You’ll probably choose large or multiple windows. To that end, don’t be afraid to inquire about custom windows that can transform the wall into a glass one.


Privacy is another consideration that might be more important in the bedroom than in other rooms. Many people don’t want prying eyes while they’re sleeping. What’s more, it’s common to dress and undress in the bedroom over other locations.

Placement is key here, then. If the bedroom wall in question faces the neighboring house or street, higher windows might be the solution for light. You might not be able to cover them with drapes, but you likely won’t need to cover high windows to maintain your privacy.


Another main function of windows is to facilitate ventilation. Many people like to air out their bedrooms to make them feel fresh again. If that quality is part of your preferred bedroom environment, you obviously want windows that open rather than fixed models such as picture windows. Casement and double-hung windows are both good options for maximum ventilation.


Style is important for both replacement and new build bedrooms. Installations such as the above-mentioned window wall are inherently modern. Many designers increase their use of windows for modern houses. They also eschew the use of grills to keep the glass looking sleek.

Conversely, grills and adorned window frames are hallmarks of older homes as well as specific styles such as ranch and craftsman styles. Windows that are too modern in appearance will look out of place in these instances.

When you’re ready for windows in any bedroom of your house, contact Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin.