5% Bonus Savings Now*


5 Years - No Interest*


5 Months - No First Payment*

*EXPIRES 5/30/2020

Subject to credit approval. No down payment. Fixed APR of 0.00% for 65 months. For each $1,000 financed, 5 months of $0.00 payments followed by 60 amortized payments of $16.67. Subject to credit approval. Fixed interest rate of 2.99% for 144 months. Payment example assumes one-time $10,000 purchase on approval date (APR 3.06%) with 1 payment of $121.73 followed by 143 amortized payments of $82.73. Payments assume Account Activation charge of $39 applies and is due with first required payment. Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, equal opportunity lender banks. NMLS #1416362 2Includes stain or painted windows and patio doors. Discount excludes installation costs. The savings described in this offer is based on each participating distributor's standard retail pricing methodology reduced to reflect the promotional offer. There are often adjustments in consumer cost and other factors that may not apply to this offer. Only valid on select Pella® products and installation methods. Not valid with any other offer or promotion. Repairs to existing products including parts such as sash and panel replacements excluded. Prior sales excluded. Other restrictions may apply. See store for details. Offer expires on 05/30/2020. Offers expire without notice.

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