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Want an Entry Door Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Doors

Exterior home upgrades impact your home’s curb appeal positively and improve the property’s value. In fact, homes with high curb appeal sell for 7 percent more than similar comparable properties with less attractive exteriors.

A front fiberglass door entry door is a smart exterior upgrade to improve your home’s aesthetics. Fiberglass material is a reinforced plastic made of woven materials and glass fibers held together by resin. Here are some reasons to choose an entry door made of this innovative material.



An entry door faces exposure to the elements all year round. For this reason, you need a sturdy and durable material for these doors. Fiberglass is a durable material that can withstand all climatic conditions.

Compared to wood, fiberglass doesn’t crack or warp as much over continued exposure to outdoor conditions. If you want a tough door that won’t require special care or regular repairs, a fiberglass entry door should top your exterior home improvement ideas.



Fiberglass is a versatile material, and this makes it popular as a building material. For example, the doors can come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. And door companies make a diverse range of products from this material to suit different consumer needs.

You can also customize the door system to suit your home’s architectural design or any other décor needs. If you have any unique color customization needs, buy a factory-primed door and finish it to suit your home’s décor outlook.


Energy Efficiency

Doors can contribute to a large percentage of energy wastage in your home through heat conduction. With an energy-efficient door, there’s not as much heat loss in cold weather or heat gain in hot weather.

If you plan to upgrade your entry doors, consider fiberglass; fiberglass has better energy efficiency than wood, and this makes it ideal for entry doors. Additionally, fiberglass is one of the most energy-efficient materials to reduce air leakage and cut the cost of electricity in your home.

The initial cost of a fiberglass doors might be high but you will enjoy long-term returns through reduced cost of energy.



Your entry door is the first line of defense in your home, as it keeps out intruders. And the door design you choose determines how tough it is for intruders to gain access in your home.

The solid construction of fiberglass doors makes this choice the ultimate door system for your home. The best products come with reinforced components, such as steel plates and other hardware. Additionally, the door system doesn’t deteriorate with time, as happens with wood or steel. Your new door will protect your family and the property throughout its extended lifespan.



Fiberglass is an environmentally friendly material with low embodied energy as the process of production from the raw materials doesn’t consume a lot of energy. The lightweight nature of fiberglass products also reduces the amount of energy used in transportation. If you want to make your home more sustainable, fiberglass entry doors are a great addition.

When you plan a home improvement project, consider the value it adds to your home. With a fiberglass entry door, you reduce your home’s carbon footprint, cut the cost of energy, improve security, and also add to the aesthetics with a custom door style.

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