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The Do’s and Don’ts of Replacing Family Room Windows

Does your family room need new windows? Before you choose replacements, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of this type of living space update.

Do Allow Light In

Whether the kids want to put together a puzzle, you use the family area for a makeshift cyber schooling space, or you work from home, this room needs plenty of light. To make the most of the natural light, consider these top replacement window styles:

  • Sliding windows. Like the name implies, these windows slide back and forth (along a track) to open and close. With two sashes of glass and only a slim frame in between, sliding windows are a bright addition to any family room space.
  • Single fixed frame windows. If you won’t need to open the window, this replacement choice is a top choice to let the light in.
  • Bay windows. Instead of a flat surface, bay windows offer a three-dimensional projection that creates more space and may allow more light into your family room.

Not only do these types of windows allow light in, but they also give your family (or guests) a better view of the outdoors. This is ideal if you use the family room for entertaining or just want to create a relaxing space for your children, spouse, or anyone else to enjoy.

Don’t Forget About Function

You can get lost in the aesthetics of the room when you choose replacement windows — especially if your window project is part of a family room redesign or interior décor renovation. But form isn’t the only factor to consider. Your family room’s windows need to function. As you explore window options for this space, the function-related issues to think about include:

  • Ease of opening. Sliding and double-hung windows are easy to open, more so than a typical handle crank casement which may take longer or more effort. A new patent-pending innovation called the Easy-Slide Operator from Pella® not only helps casement windows open much more quickly, it is also engineered with a comfort grip for smooth operation and easy of use – especially for those with hand and arm flexibility issues.  Ultimately, the ultimate goal here is to quickly let a breeze in on a warm day or create an indoor-outdoor family entertaining space.
  • Overall safety. Even though ease of opening is important to some homeowners, this factor could pose a safety risk for families with young children. If you have a toddler, preschooler, or younger child, make sure your window choice isn’t easy for them to open.
  • The option to open. A fixed sash and some types of bay windows won’t open. If you want maximum safety and you’re sure you won’t need to open the windows, choose one of these styles.

If you’re not sure which replacement choice meets your family’s (or family room’s) function-related needs, talk to a professional. A qualified window contractor can explain the pros and cons of each style and help you to select the just-right option for your family room replacement renovation project.

Do Choose an Insulated Option

The window style isn’t the only choice you have. The type of glass you select also affects the overall function of the replacement. Keep your kids warm or cool as they play — depending on the season — or make the space more comfortable for guests with insulated glass. This type of glass product:

  • Includes multiple panes of glass. Also known as multi-pane windows, insulated glass replacements use two or more pieces of glass to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Is filled with a gas. Unlike the spray foam in your walls or the rolls of material in your attic, windows use an invisible gas as insulation. Gases such as argon or krypton fill the space between the panes to insulate the entire replacement panel.
  • Can reduce utility bills. Not only will insulated glass keep your family room comfortable, but it can also lower summertime cooling costs and winter heating bills.

Along with insulated glass, the type of frame and glazing can also impact the overall energy efficiency. To get the best results from insulated windows, choose a professional installation service. Failure to correctly install the replacements could lower the energy efficiency and leave you with leaky family room windows.

Are you ready to replace your family room’s windows? Contact Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin for more information.