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Awning Style Windows: The Basics

What is an awning window? If you’re ready to replace your home’s windows, take a look at what you need to know about the awning style and your options.

What Types of Replacement Windows Are Available?

Do you know what type of replacement window style you want? While awning style windows are a top choice among homeowners, make sure you know what you’re getting before you sign a contract. If you think awning windows are right for your home, but aren’t sure, other options include:

  • Double-hung windows. The upper outside and lower inside sashes of these windows slide, making them ideal for anyone who wants plenty of air circulation.
  • Singlehung windows. These replacement windows look like the double-hung version. Instead of both sashes moving, only the bottom does.
  • Casement windows. The casement window has a hinge on one side and opens with a crank. This provides added ventilation.
  • Fixed windows. Like the name implies, these windows are fixed and won’t open.
  • Hopper windows. These windows have a bottom hinge and open outward or inward.
  • Slider windows. Slider windows slide from side to side to open and close. This maximizes the clear field of view and allows maximum ventilation.

If you still want an awning style window the next step is to learn more about this type of replacement.

How Is an Awning Style Window Different from Other Replacements?

Like casement and hopper style windows, awning replacements have a hinge. But unlike hopper windows, the awning type only opens outwards.

Other differences between awning windows and the other styles of replacements include:

  • Hinged top. The hopper has a hinged bottom, a casement has a hinged side, and other windows don’t have a hinge. In comparison, the awning style has a hinged top.
  • Rain resistance. While an awning window won’t completely block the elements, the outward opening mechanism shields your home from the rain. As the name says—this window creates an awning over your home.
  • Security. The tight closure of an awning window makes it safe and secure. This is ideal for a basement or lower level of your home.

Along with the differences, awning windows also have some similarities to all other types of replacements—besides the crank and hinge opening option. These windows are available in multi-pane glass and in a variety of frame materials. Whether you prefer a vinyl, wood, or composite frame, you can find an awning window to meet your home’s needs.

Where Can You Get an Awning Style Window?

Is an awning style your top window choice? If you plan to add this type of replacement to your home, you need to purchase windows and find a qualified contractor for installation.

While you can buy awning windows online or in big box home improvement stores, these sales experiences are often impersonal. Before you invest in awning windows, you need the advice and expertise of a professional. A qualified window contractor can provide the sales and installation assistance necessary to make the best choices possible.

To select the right window contractor for your needs:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals. Anonymous Internet-based references won’t help you to make an informed decision. Anyone can post a review online—positive or negative. Instead of general online references, ask those closest to you for their advice.
  • Discuss experience level. How many years has the contractor served your community? Ask your future window contractor about their expertise in the area.
  • Review window options. Does the contractor sell awning windows? Do they also sell the brand you want to buy? Make sure the company has the options you want for this home improvement project.

Always ask for a written estimate. This should include the price of the awning windows, any necessary materials, and the labor costs.

Are you ready to buy new awning windows? Contact Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin for more information.