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Don’t Get Caught With the Wrong Window Frames

Replacement windows can add to the energy efficiency of your home and ensure that your interior living spaces receive adequate light. Most homeowners focus in on the type of glass that will be included in their replacement windows while failing to give enough attention to the selection of the right window frames.

The frames that surround each of the windows in your home serve several important purposes. Window frames offer structure that creates an aesthetic appearance. Since modern windows can be much heavier than their predecessors, frames offer the support needed to keep replacement windows anchored. Frames also serve as a connection point between your home and your replacement windows.

The right replacement window frames will be able to fulfill all these roles with ease.

Frame Construction

The method of construction used to create a window frame can have a direct impact on that frame’s ability to give your windows the strength and support they need. Vinyl window frames, which are among the most popular chosen by homeowners investing in replacement windows, are constructed in one of two ways.

Mechanically fastened vinyl frames are held together by physically inserting screws into each piece of the frame. Fusion vinyl frames are constructed using a specialized heated welding process. Welding creates airtight seals that allow frames constructed using this method to remain stronger over time.

Mechanically fastened frames have a more affordable purchase price, but the durability of fusion frames offsets the more expensive sticker price by extending the life of your replacement window frames.

Water Management

Windows serve as a barrier between your interior living spaces and the outside world. You want this barrier to be both airtight and watertight for maximum protection. The type of window frame that you select for your home can directly influence the amount of water that the window is exposed to over time.

Vinyl window frames are often equipped with weep holes that allow water to drain away from the sill. This drainage can eliminate mold growth and prevent deterioration problems that are associated with moisture damage.

The weep holes in modern vinyl window frames serve a dual purpose. The weep holes in modern frames closely resemble a slotted vent. A flap over the weep holes opens to let water drain away and then closes to prevent wind from infiltrating your home through your replacement windows.


Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors you will consider when replacing the windows in your home. The right window frames will allow you to add insulation that will eliminate the transfer of air between your home’s interior and the outside environment through your windows.

Vinyl window frames have a multi-chambered design. This design creates more openings within the interior of the frame to house a polyurethane foam insulation product. You can also opt to have your vinyl frames fitted with an insulating foam compression wrap. This added layer of insulation allows your replacement windows to withstand the extreme cold temperatures that characterize most Wisconsin winters.

The energy efficiency of your home will increase with insulated windows, saving you a significant amount of money on utility costs each month.

Thinking only about the glass is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when investing in replacement windows for your home. The type of window frames that you pair with your replacement windows can influence the safety and performance of your new windows over time.

The experts at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin are available to help you consider the many framing options available on the market. Contact us to discuss replacement windows and frames for your home today.