Millwork Division

At Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin, not only do we offer quality windows and doors for residential builds (new home construction), commercial developments (apartments or multi-use buildings), and replacement jobs (home window or door upgrades), but we also have a millwork division to assist you in putting the finishing touches on any project.

Special Finishing

Our Millwork team is based in both Green Bay and Brookfield, Wisconsin, and has a broad service area ranging from Southern Wisconsin, starting at the Illinois border, to the norther most part of Upper Michigan. The scope of work our team can assist you with includes:

Exterior Finishing Components — Fabricated door units made from wood, steel, or fiberglass along with different moulding options

Interior Finishes Components — Pre-hung, fabricated door units, doors with specific hinge measurements, standard or custom mouldings such as casing, base, crown, straight or curved, and customized stain, paint and other customer requested finishes

Hardware — Both interior and exterior hardware selections in different finishes, such as brass, nickel or satin bronze, are available consisting of door hardware, hinges, locks and more

Stair Parts — Different stair components, like railings or balusters, are available for interior projects only. Material choices include, but are not limited to, wood or iron

If you have a project that needs millwork and that special finishing touch to put it over the top, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below today. Our team will be more than happy to help.

What We Can Do

Our Millwork team can help with a variety of millwork tasks so you don’t have to go to someone else to have your project’s millwork done. Some of the things that we can help with include:

  • Creating unique exterior finishes like designing a beautiful entryway area utilizing a custom-stained front door with mouldings to match
  • Completing the design of your interior decorating vision with doors and/or mouldings that can be stained or painted with customized colors or finishes
  • Selecting and purchasing on-trend hardware for both interior and exterior use in a variety of finishes. This includes, but is not limited to, door knobs, locking systems and hinges that come in multiple finishes
  • Finishing the look of interior stairs with different stair parts offered in multiple styles and designs

As you can see from the above list, our Millwork team can handle a variety of millwork projects. If you have a special millwork request that is not listed above, please contact us so we can do our best to try and make that request a reality.

Our Millwork Scope

As with our Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin service area, our millwork team can also take on projects that range from Southern Wisconsin to Upper Michigan. They can also work on projects that are either commercial, residential or new construction focused. So, if you have a project that falls under any of these categories, our team can help.

Examples of Our Work

An example of what our Millwork Team can do is a recent new-construction build that we worked on in the Green Bay area. The main focus of this project was the home’s interior doors. Our team was tasked with staining those doors to match the home’s kitchen cabinetry, which was a non-Pella supplied item. As a non-Pella supplied item, we had to find a stain for the doors to match the kitchen cabinetry. Although this may seem like an easy task, it did take some trial and error to get the stain for the doors just right. Our team worked hard to make it happen and the interior doors are a spot-on match to the kitchen cabinetry.That same Green Bay area home also showcases other examples of what our team can do. Like, the home’s trim, an eased two-edge casing with an eased edge base, painted white to contrast the darker colors of the home. We helped select the hardware for the home’s doors as well, choosing to go with a sleek handle that had a satin nickel finish. This put a nice contemporary finishing touch on the space.

The Team

Our millwork team is led by General Manager Barry Schoening and includes:
Nathan Reis, sales rep for the Green Bay/Appleton area.
Patti Erlandson and Alicia Bruskiewicz, Project Coordinators
Nathan, Alicia, and Patti are dedicated to making your dreams come true.

Backed by world class manufacturers, Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin can be your single source supplier.
If you’re interested in having our team at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin take on your next millwork project, please feel free to get in touch with one of our sales representatives, or call our main office today.

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