Bay or Bow Windows

Expand Your View

If you’re looking to add more options to your home but have limited wall space, our bay and bow windows are an excellent solution. This type of window feature protrudes out from the exterior of your home to give you more space inside for your viewing pleasure.

Breathtaking Features

It’s no secret that bay and bow windows are heavily sought-after by many homeowners, due to their unique and elegant design. These window additions are also extremely versatile and can be custom-created to look and feel more contemporary or classic, depending on your style.

The Elegant Solution

There’s a reason why bow and bay windows are so popular. Their beautiful and creative design not only allows for better airflow and natural sunlight but creates a feature in and of itself — with it’s beautiful, expanding curves and raised platform that makes it perfect for any home.

Breaking Boundaries

With the stunning craftsmanship from our specialists at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin, you can expect a truly incredible result for each and every one of your window installations. Give us a call for more information today.

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