Author: Eric Huhn

Want an Entry Door Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Doors

Exterior home upgrades impact your home’s curb appeal positively and improve the property’s value. In fact, homes with high curb appeal sell for 7 percent more than similar comparable properties with less attractive exteriors.


A front fiberglass door entry door is a smart exterior upgrade to improve your home’s aesthetics. Fiberglass material is a reinforced plastic made of woven materials and glass fibers held together by resin. Here are some reasons to choose an entry door made of this innovative material.

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How to Choose Windows for the Bedroom

Example of Pella Bedroom Windows

Each room in a house has its own purpose, which helps drive how the environment should be. For example, food preparation requires a lot of light and little privacy, so designers often maximize the number of windows in the kitchen. The bedroom is a personal place, though, so you’ll have to decide your preferred environment.

Below are some factors to help you choose bedroom windows for a new build or replacement project.

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What Type of Patio Door Is Right for Your Home?

Blue French Doors

Patio doors are designed to provide access to and views of your backyard patio, and you can choose from several different types. All of the types offer these advantages to one extent or another, but each one is has its own unique features and usefulness. If your home has an outdoor patio, here’s a guide to help determine which type of patio door is right for your home.

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