Single-Hung or Double-Hung Windows: Which Is Right for You?

Single-hung and double-hung windows look almost identical from a distance. And as some of the most common types of windows in America, they are familiar to most Americans. But if you haven’t replaced your windows in a while, you probably aren’t aware of the differences between single-hung and double-hung windows.

If you want to add the classic and timeless qualities of single- or double-hung windows to your home, first learn the unique differences between the two. Only then can you decide which type is right for you.

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How to Choose Windows for the Bedroom

Example of Pella Bedroom Windows

Each room in a house has its own purpose, which helps drive how the environment should be. For example, food preparation requires a lot of light and little privacy, so designers often maximize the number of windows in the kitchen. The bedroom is a personal place, though, so you’ll have to decide your preferred environment.

Below are some factors to help you choose bedroom windows for a new build or replacement project.

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Kitchen Window Ideas by Popular Architectural Styles

Homeowners and designers alike prize bright, airy kitchens. This ideal is true no matter what style of home you have. While designers might turn to different tricks, such as a light palette or abundance of glass, the best method for creating the bright, airy kitchen is with windows. Below are ideas for windows according to popular architectural styles for your remodel or new build.

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What Type of Patio Door Is Right for Your Home?

Blue French Doors

Patio doors are designed to provide access to and views of your backyard patio, and you can choose from several different types. All of the types offer these advantages to one extent or another, but each one is has its own unique features and usefulness. If your home has an outdoor patio, here’s a guide to help determine which type of patio door is right for your home.

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Surprising Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

houses with double hung windows

Double-hung windows are the most classic of styles. The windows feature two sashes framing the panes of glass. The sashes are set into tracks, and some have a handle or an integrated lift to assist with opening. When you want to open the windows, you slide the sash along the tracks. With double-hung windows, both the top and bottom sash open.

When you install replacement windows or even choose windows for a new-build, you’re faced with a myriad of style choices. Below are some reasons to choose classic double-hung windows.

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